Indigenous and First Nations Law

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At Buset LLP, we have an appreciation for the unique legal challenges that face Indigenous peoples. With our office in Thunder Bay, the hub of Northwestern Ontario, we are able to provide cost-effective expertise with a respectful understanding for the needs of our local Indigenous communities.

Our clients include First Nations, First Nation-owned corporations and other business entities, Tribal Councils, Education Authorities and other organizations run by and providing services to Indigenous people throughout the region. These clients have used our services for:

  • Economic development initiatives and structuring

  • Income tax and HST advice for Indigenous and First Nation owned businesses

  • Addition to Reserve

  • Designations and Leases

  • Land Code, by-law and policy development

  • Specific Claims

  • Land Claims

  • Trusts

  • Permits

  • Exploration Agreements, Consultation Agreements, Impact Benefit Agreements, Resource Sharing Agreements

  • Employment and labour law including workplace litigation, contract preparation, policy drafting and interpretation, provision of legal opinions on workplace issues

  • Business Enterprises and Economic Development- incorporating, financing, corporate governance strategies, municipal planning, land management and housing development

  • Litigation, including election appeals, judicial review, enforcement of consultation, treaty and constitutional rights and protections

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The legal landscape is anything but simple, so trusting you have the right lawyer and right law firm behind you is critical. Our experience, proven track record, and scope of services offered, provides our clients confidence no matter what legal issue they are confronted with. And, with strategic solutions, we ensure our clients a restful nights’ sleep and money saved. If you have questions, don’t wait, speak to one of the lawyers at Buset LLP today and get the answers you need.

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