Tax Law

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  • Tax Planning and Reorganizations

  • Canada Revenue Agency Audits and Appeals

  • Tax Court Appeals and Litigation

  • Rectification Orders

  • Voluntary Disclosures and Fairness Requests

  • Harmonized Sales Tax planning, audits and appeals

Tax law deals with the most complex and challenging legislation affecting small business owners, corporations and trusts today, and has numerous pit-falls and traps for the unwary. Buset LLP has extensive experience and expertise in dealing with the tax rules and regulations, and our team can help you minimize taxes and be tax efficient, whether in day-to-day business, during an acquisition or sale, or in planning your corporate structure and succession plan.

Buset LLP assists clients with various tax disputes, whether with a Canada Revenue Agency audit, internal appeals, at the Tax Court of Canada and/or at the Federal Court of Appeal. Our team also assists clients with rectifying outstanding tax problems, including preparing voluntary disclosures and fairness requests.

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