Bryson Inglis and Matt Pascusso at the Plan Your Day 2023 event in Thunder Bay

2023 Plan Your Day Wedding Show

July 25, 2023 0 Comments

Your thoughts when planning a wedding are likely to revolve around dates, themes, décor, guests, and the excitement of the big day.  Bryson Inglis and Matt Pascuzzo were met by some confused looks and chuckles while they manned a table at the 2023 Plan Your Day Wedding Show, prompting the question …

Engaging the services of a lawyer may not be front of mind when planning a wedding, but should it be?

Things to consider when planning a wedding:

  • When would be reasonable to prepare a Will?
  • Do you own property and do not have a succession plan for same?
  • Do you have a child and have you accounted for their life should you pass?
  • Consider preparing a Will with your partner to ensure that both of your estates reflect your wishes.

Click to view a PDF copy of the brochure from the event and contact our office for your legal needs.

Note: Information in the brochure is accurate at the time of publication (May, 2023).

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